How this small change will have a big impact

That is how Walmart is framing their latest change to their stores, and honestly I think they are right.

What is funny is you may have already experienced the changes, but didn't even notice it as it's pretty subtle.

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One thing that came out of the pandemic was modified shopping hours.

Remember at the very beginning of the pandemic, when for the first couple of hours of each day, stores would be only for the most vulnerable in communities?

Well that is a bit of what is happening here, but on a bit of different level, as it will just be something Walmart modifies for everyone from 8a to 10a daily.

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Those With Sensory Disabilities Have Reason To Celebrate

According to a press release from Walmart, this is something they started during their back-to-school season, but only on Saturday's, but now will be everyday at all Walmart's across Montana and America.

Earlier this year, we took a step in making shopping in our stores more inclusive for those with sensory disabilities by taking measures to create a less stimulating environment for a couple hours each Saturday. During the back-to-school season, we changed the TV walls to a static image, turned off the radio and lowered the lights where possible. The feedback of the pilot program was overwhelmingly positive. These changes may have seemed small to some, but for others they transformed the shopping experience. Our biggest piece of feedback? Keep it going!

To find out more about the changes, read the full press release here.

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