For many Christmas is their favorite holiday. There are varied reasons for everyone. It could be all the Christmas lights on display. For others it is the giving and receiving of gifts. There are even people who like this time of year because of the Christmas music.

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For me, it is the treats. I love that during this time of the year any semblance of a diet or healthy eating gets thrown right out the window. The more decadent and unhealthier the better.

I grew up spoiled as both my grandmothers and along with my mother are amazing cooks. I have tons of recipes that were handed down to me from them. However, for as good as they were at cooking, they were even better when it came to deserts and candies.

Plenty of weekends were spent in the kitchen helping. Granted I did the easy things like measuring ingredients or melting butter. I was also the official taste tester, an especially important job I was told.

Now that I have kids of my own, I have realized a couple of things. First, holy smokes did these women have the patience of saints. Baking with kids is HARD, so many fingers dipped in places they do not need to be. Second, things taste better when you bake together. Turns out there is such a thing as the secret ingredient being LOVE.

So enjoy this list of my favorite Christmas goodies that I think is sure to impress your guests. I will include recipes as well, just not my own, as those are family secrets. 😉

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