What Is The Safest City In Montana?

Crime is always a hot button issue and it's something that is seemingly on the rise in Montana.

However, a recent study has come out and named one Montana town as the safest place to live in the Treasure State.

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This town has had all sorts of attention brought to it as of late.

It's been one of the most expensive places to live in Montana. It's also been named one of the best small towns, best mountain towns, best winter getaway, and coolest town in Montana.

Now being named the safest town in Montana, residents of this town might just get some pretty big heads.

red letters saying Whitefish MT

The Safest City In Montana is Whitefish, MT

The website Best Life released the safest city in each state according to a study done by SafeWise and they found that Whitefish was the safest.

Here is how SafeWise determines the safest city,

This year's data breaks down all 50 cities by their population, median income, and violent crime (VC) and property crime (PC) rates for the past three years.

When it comes to Whitefish here is what they had to say,

Montana is ranked 10th highest for violent crime and 15th highest for property crime in the nation. Only five cities made SafeWise's list; they all have crime rates below the national average.

The number-one safest city, Whitefish, is located in the Northern Rocky Mountains, adjacent to Glacier National Park. Therefore, it's a popular spot for travelers and nature enthusiasts.

As a quick addition to this, the second safest city according to their findings was Columbia Falls.

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