Who Owns The Most Land In Montana?

When I was a kid I never really understood why in the Superman movie Lex Luthor was so insistent on owning land.

As I grew up and got older I began to understand just how valuable land is, and when it comes to land in Montana, there is plenty of it.


Montana Has Over 94 Million Acres Of Land

That means the largest land owner owns almost one third of all the land in the state.

Not only that, but they own almost 27 times the amount of land of the second largest landowner as well.

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Who Are The Top 5 Land Owners In Montana?

Before we reveal the biggest land owners, how about those who rank number 2 to number 5.

Coming in at #2 and owning 765,925 acres is Plum Creek Timber which was a timberland owner and manager, as well as a forest products, mineral extraction, and property development company. They merged with Weyerhaeuser in 2015, who then sold off to Southern Pine Plantations, and finally was sold to family from Texas.

The third largest land owners are Dan and Farris Wilks from Texas. They own 358,837 acres of land, including a large ranch next to Lewistown.

Montana's fourth largest land owner is the Galt Family, who own 248,023 acres in and around Broadwater and Rosebud counties.

Finally the fifth largest land owner would be Stan Kroenke who owns 225,162 acres. He only owns land in Montana, but also owns the LA Rams, Denver Nuggets along with many other sports teams.

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Montana's Largest Land Owner Is A Good Steward Of The Land

When it comes to largest owner of land you might be surprised to know it's actually the Federal Government.

They are controlling a whopping 30% of the land in Montana which has the agencies of the U.S. Forest Service, the Bureau of Land Management, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, and the National Park Service, all combining together to make sure Montana remains The Last Best Place.

Check out who are the largest private land owners in America in the gallery below. 👇

The Largest Landowners in the Country

These people and families are the largest landowners in the country.

Gallery Credit: Billy Jenkins

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